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Explaining simple means an understanding of a step by step process of complex outcomes. Being consistent means it is internally consistent and consistent with established theory that is itself internally consistent. Being complete means a causal explanation of gravity of how it occurs consistent with the laws of momentum and energy, and with both quantum wave mechanics and relativity theory, including Einstein’s momentum-energy stress tensor matrix of general relativity.

I challenge what I do not understand. I challenged special relativity and found it to be internally consistent. I did not have the same success with general relativity. The black hole did not seem consistent with special relativity as a limiting condition of light speed. I did not realize Hawking had redefined it for it to emit Hawking radiation. Still, a problem remains: the singularity of an infinite mass density within an infinitesimal space from which the Big Bang supposedly emerged.

To the contrary, the Dirac matrix is a means of unification. It now unifies special relativity and quantum wave mechanics. Wave superposition can nullify effect. Wave mechanics can thus explain internal interaction more completely. Dirac initiated a non-communicative rule for multiplication. (3 times 5 does not equal 5 times 3. One is positive and the other is negative, as for the existence of matter and antimatter.) In deriving the invariant form of special relativity, factors of the Lorentz transformation are added and subtracted before multiplying them, thus allowing nullification of effect. Also significant of the Dirac matrix is the ½ spin property of matter. ½ is a significant property of gravity as well. The gravitational potential, as with regard to orbital speed squared, is ½ the gravitational escape speed of the same radial distance from the center of mass. By the Schwartzschild Metric, light speed c is slowed by a gravitational field, but to the limit of ½ light speed, but observers within the field, due to relativistic nullification of effect, perceive ½ c as c.


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